Rowena Ryan Awards

Paper-Knife Award for
Best Overall Trainee Contribution
Best Trainee-Led
Audit Project
Best Trainee-Led
Research Project 
Best Trainee-Led
Training Project
2019 Misha Verkerk Arun Takhar Elizabeth Maughan Aphrodite Iacovidou
Building Sustainability into Global Health Practice: Perspectives on Developing Otology Services in Ethiopia Readmission After Tonsillectomy – Retrospective Analysis of 71,636 Tonsillectomies in England Changes in the Human Airway Epithelium With Age The Imperial Tonsillectomy Simulator: Creating, Utilising & Validating a Novel Silicone Tonsillectomy Simulator
2018 Eamon Shamil Sridhayan Mahalingam Nick Hamilton Annakan Navaratnam
A multi-centre prospective audit reviewing the management of periorbital cellulitis Tissue engineering the upper airway mucosal lining Comparison of use of smartphone enabled video otoscope (CEEK) with loupes and microscope for novices learning aural microsuction